Studio Restored

So it's still dark green. Gimme a break. Look - folded fabric!

I am in an expansive mood and have a whole book of stamps so if you will email me your snail mail address, I will send you something from the studio. It might just be a postcard, it might be fabric, it might be a book. Give me one clue, a color, in the subject line. First come first served and you know who you are, my companeros.
I have a whole basket of stuff looking to travel.


Deb R said...

Email sent! What fun! :-)

Wanna come straighten out my studio next???

gabrielle said...

Please don't send more stuff...although my anklet never fails to get muy compliments. Your studio is so neat...would post pictures of mine but it looks like so mad woman is making a huge mess with no results. I need to be sending stuff as well.

arlee said...


Nellie Bass Durand said...

I've just discovered you. Am I too late for your generosity? I especially like scraps ... they're gems in my eyes. Not that I don't have bags full, but I cannot resist. I need to follow your lead and donate some of my excess to a friend who teaches art in schools.