Diane, has posed the suggested topic of "What is your favorite room in your house? Why?" That one is easy for me but there is a hitch. My favorite room, or rather place, in this house is my pool. I suppose that's a cheat but it's the truth. I am sitting out on the deck outside the master bedroom looking down on the annual disaster but getting the pool clean and ready is a labor of love. I don't know how many readers subscribe to the notion of other lives lived but I am quite certain I spent my most recent life as something that lived in the water. Nothing as glam or fantastical as a mermaid or a dolphin but something completely at home in the water- some real fish. I never feel so alive as after as many hard laps as I can manage, just drifting, eyes on the sky, water in my ears with nothing in my head but my heartbeat.

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Pam in Kansas said...

The photo of your pool ... you must use it in a piece!