The Velvet Lash

Dyeing and peddling these silk/velvet scarves has been a pleasant distraction in the last days leading up to my retirement from a corporation whose main business seems to be selling it's shareholders and customers down the river. I am dizzy from circling the bowl and so happy that I am finally out! It's been gravy that the scarves sold like hotcakes.
It's been three whole days and I find myself wandering in a small circle from the couch to the computer to the kitchen and then back to the couch. This does not bode well, so tonight, fortified with extra caffeine, I am going upstairs to the MESS and try to make some headway. I have two challenges to begin considering, The Eighth Deadly Sin and The Straight and Narrow. Glimmers only for both of them but before I can do anything I have to square things away up there. I should take a picture and reveal myself to the world...arch-slob. I have been making a lot of progress quilting "Not Gees Crow"..I really need to come up with another title. Now all I want to do is settle into the handwork position and finish it off but the thought of yanking on a few yards of that gold mettallic embroidery floss has my right rotator cuff singing the blues and I didn't even do anything spectacular to injure it. Since quitting the Bextra I now take notice of every sports injury I ever sustained. What the hell was I thinking? I have a theory that the FDA allowed these drugs to help the present administration solve the Social Security problem - do away with an entire generation! Now that most of us are hooked in Vioxx, Bextra or Celebrex (not to mention Viagra, Levitra and Cialis) we should be dropping like flies well before we can start collecting.

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