The Straight & Narrow Challenge

Now that the physical, emotional and financial mayhem of the holidays is finally over, I have taken a giant leap at this project that I have been working on in my head ever since The Staright & Narrow Challenge was proposed on the Quilt Art mailing list. The only rule in this challenge is that the proportions in size are 1:5. Mine is 12x60.
The major construction is finished and it's all hand-work and beading from here on. I dyed an antique table runner at the last dye-fest and it came out wonderful. I just had no idea what I would ever do with it until the Straight & Narrow Challenge was announced. The piece also incorporates more of the ancient percale and the cheesecloth that also got the dye treatment.Nothing white in my house is safe from my dye mania! There are a lot of metallics fabric and threads that dont' show in this photograph which is something I will have to work on. Titled "Night Traveler" my only problem is committing to which direction I want to display it in - Comet up is interesting but sort of expected.

Like this, horizontal, will probably be the way to go in the end.

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