getting my "Vin" on

Respect The Elders.
Embrace The New.
Encourage The Impractical and Improbable,
Without Bias.
- David Fricke

Spent most of the day at JT's dyeworx turning a bunch of flannel and muslin rags into some really outstanding raw material. I actually ironed everything I was so keen to get to the final product. A fruitful hand dyeing session has weaned me away from the instant gratification rush I got this morning when I discovered that geeky little online Cascading Style Sheet generator. Most of the steps in hand dyeing cloth involve waiting. Start to finish, if you have the stamina to do it all in one day, I'd say 8 to 10 hours depending on how much yardage. My back is killing me. Whoever decided that the average person standing at an ironing board was only five-foot one or two was an idiot.
Speaking of Idiots, I was able to get all the heinous ironing done under the spell of Vin Scelsa and just remembered that I had to quick scamper to make my pledge to WFUV or bad karma would give my computer cooties and cut me off from my supply of Idiot's Delight which I liken to crack here in this musical wasteland called Georgia. A nice young lady took my pledge in exchange for the Secret Sacred Steps for Idiots cause she's moving to Arizona. Sounds like the witness protection program to me. Tonight I listened to a show from June 2003 for the first time and Vin played Annie Lennox "The Hurting Time" and Natalie Merchant "Diver Boy" back to back and I had to stop working, put my head down and just listen, just take it in and rejoice that I had ears and a heart. Thanks Vin.
More CDs I gotta go find.

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