The Wheel of Fortune keeps turning

I imagine that you non-sports fans might wonder what all the fuss is about but I love baseball.When my beloved Atlanta Braves didn't make it past their incredible 13th division victory, I was happy to root for my Dad's favorite team, the scruffy, accursed underdogs, the Boston Red Sox. Nevermind that Johnny Damon is a fascinating character and juicy specimen. I wonder how many men realize that middleaged women love baseball because it is the best man-watching sport there is. That red October moon will forever be the Red Sox Moon for me. Now that the season is over and the BoSox have their improbable, sweet victory, I will probably be doing a lot more machine work instead of sitting in front of the TV listening as I do my compulsive hand stitching.

The crystal ball? I really didn't need one to know that my career with AT&T was over when they made the announcement on October 19 that me and 235 of my co-workers would no longer be needed in Conyers, Georgia. It's been coming like a runaway train for sometime now. Fortunately for me, I become pension eligible on September 26 and turned 55 on October 14 so will not be exercising my option to take the job of a person with less seniority than me somewhere within commuting distance. The bad karma of "bumping" as it's called, is almost palpable. Many of the younger people I work with will be taking that drastic step and I know I would be too if I didn't have other options. Those options bring me to the great changes I have to look forward to. The luxury of Time to finally get on with the real business of my life - making art in all the ways I can find. No medium will be safe from me!
Muuaaaahhhhaaahhh.....And this is what my fortune cookie said:

and what have I been up to work-wise? I have a whole series of 12x12 inch pieces going on, more from the litter of Rothko's Puppies. All are done with my own hand-dyes on a variety of cottons; some 50 year old percale sheets, an ancient dress shirt and some real cheap muslin. I can tell one from another with my eyes closed. I like securing the raw edges with hand stitched crosses - no religious intent, just a construction technique to keep the edge from fraying any farther than I intended.

On the left, "The Last Days of Summer", on the right, "Fenway Park".

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