Murphy's Damn Law

Who is this Murphy guy and what is up with his damn Law?
The clock is ticking on getting my stuff ready for the Norcross Fall Festival and my hotdog Janome 6500 decides to have a major breakdown and it's not like I have been working it to death either. ARRRGHG!! The sewing machine doctor doesn't even open until 10 tomorrow so I will be camping on his doorstep. Could I possibly imagine
that they might let me have a loaner until mine gets well like they do at the Mercedes dealership??? I dragged my old Kenmore out of mothballs fully expecting it to act craZy but I oiled it, gave it a new needle, fiddled with the settings and am about halfway through stitching in the ditch on one of the Buttercup Twins. I guess I will have to do the binding by hand though - that Never went well on the Kenmore.
Here's a picture of another of Rothko's Puppies - "Granny Smith" about 14"x26" all hand sewn and quilted with the cottons I dyed at Jan Thompsons. This latest batch really came out rich. I really don't want to part with this one either.

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