Inspired by all this Olympic gold, I pushed a little too hard in the pool last Monday. We had several freakish 60 degree overnight temps and the water was really cold. Did you ever swim 'til you sweat? All well and good unless you miss-time a turn and suck some water into a lung. That, and some high level family stress has perked into a juicy case of pneaumonia. Following Doctor's orders, I languish in bed and when I am not hacking and pissing myself, really getting into this Rothko's Puppies series. Oh My God...a series. All my own hand-dyes, the different grades of cotton, from store-bought muslin to 50 year-old cotton percale sheets from my Aunt Jo's long gone hunting lodge in Flint, Michigan, are wonderful to work by hand and if you haven't used polyester fleece as batting yet, you are missing a treat. No patience for detail shots right now but I will replace these with Kinko scans as soon as I can walk & chew gun without raising a fever...
I worked on this one while floating (NOT SWIMMING DR. A!) in the sun. Suddenly, something hit the piece squarely and scuttled off through the air chittering. I had been dive bombed by a hummingbird.
These fabric choices were made under the influence of a fever. No other excuses.

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