Day of the Dead Challenge

She Knows, She Sees - Nellie's Garden.

..is what I have been working obsessively on since I got back from NY. I just checked the rules to make sure there wasn't some size restraint because this one is kinda big - it will finish out at 50x40 inches probably. This statement in the rules worries me - "It is these personal details that will make the quilt heartfelt). There are many traditional elements that are used for the 'ofrenda' (altars) but the only one that is a requirement for this challenge is "happy skeletons" (happy because they are being remembered)". Do you think she looks happy? I have made this quilt in remembrance of my father's mother Nell Farrington Useted. We can all look back to our ancestors and single out the ones who may have passed on thier artistic gifts to us. Gramma was the one for me. Besides being a full time homemaker in a time before the conveniences that we take for granted, she took in other peoples ironing and still found time to always be doing something creative. Knitting, crotcheting, painting - she dabbled and churned it out and got great pleasure from just doing it.

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