I hope I have learned to compose for Blogger offlineas this is the second post I have lost due to my own inability to read instructions or follow orders. I mailed my Bag-0-Fun to Tomme Fent yesterday evening - almost forgot to include return postage. I hope some famous quasi-dement similar to self gets my bag. Likewise, I hope I get a bag of inspirational stuff. The chemical warehouse fire in Conyers is still burning so I am taking another sick day so I don't get sick....I will untangle that one when I go back to the office. The building is still in the evacuated area so I am not worried about facing any sort of discipline problems. and Screw 'em anyway.

I can't believe I let the deadline for the DIGITAL ORIGINS show slip through my fingers....at least I have to go to the opening and meet Juliarose Lofredo. A large part of why I let it go from my brain is that looking at the work in the gallery, I doubt I would have been juried in. Going forward, the work I have in the planning stages and on paper, is a better fit. Why aggravate myself? and I still have those friggin' baby quilts to finish.

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