I want to thank Melanie Testa for reminding me why I bother blogging at all.

Here's some new work.
This is "Typography 101" in celebration of resuming my college career after a hiatus of , ummm 24 years. After a weekend spent doing taxes, two evenings of hand applique was a treat. The new Janome has been leading me around lately and somehow, I felt like I was doing something behind his back...cheating on Big J!

These pieces come from the machine side of my brain:
"Facing Space" (thanks for the title nudge, Tomme) is a study for a much larger work based on a photograph.

These two were made for the fun of it and hopefully done in time to enter the "Small Works for Small Spaces" show at
Ayers Lofts Gallery
"Alien Faces" and

"Bad Press". Like the others, these are only 9"x12" - a size I find very limiting. I have a whole series of drawing for the "Aliens" series. I wish they would come and be scary and hostile - kinda like the ones in "Signs" .The hope is that humans all over the world will recognize their commonality and stop fussing amongst themselves the way they keep doing over inconsequential things.

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